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It was a beautiful morning, the birds were tweeting and the sun was rising. Bloom had a dream, in the dream she was being called by Daphne:
"Bloom," Daphne said, as she circled around her sister, elegantly, her wispy body only inches from the ground. "Bloom, the Trix have gotten stronger, you need to save Magix from their wrath, you must earn Bloomix!"
"But Daphne," Bloom started, even though she saw her sister disappearing. "Daphne, what is Bloomix? How do we earn it? Daphne!" Flora saw that Bloom was stirring from her slumber and tried to calm her by singing a lullaby. It didn't work and Bloom...
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?Hello Everyone, I know you all know their characteristics but I am adding this article for just fun and entertainment of all of you.?
Here is the information...
Bloom was born on planet Domino to King Oritel and Queen Miriam. Shortly after birth, her planet was attacked by a coven of witches, who sought to put out the Dragon Fire from Domino. During this battle, the entire planet was devastated. In a final sacrificial act to ensure that the Dragon's Flame did not fall into the wrong hands, Bloom's older sister, Dafne, sent her through a portal that led to another planet, Earth....
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